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Command Post RevOps
End to end revenue management


Command Post RevOps reduces the chaos
of managing a construction company

Get informed,
stay in command


Automated forecast helps you navigate breakeven

financial forecast .png

Integrate tools and apps you use daily

Gain clarity and make
well-informed decisions by having the information you need when you need it.
Using only financials to manage your business is like driving your car by looking in the rear view mirror.
Auto sync data between Procore, Quickbooks, Sharepoint, and Excel.
Business intelligence
Dashboard reports, including profit projections, bidding activity analysis, and overall performance, provide valuable insights into key aspects of your business.
Stay informed on sales activity
Centralize your data
Access real-time information and generate insightful reports with just a click. Make informed decisions, identify improvement areas, and drive business success.
Save money and reduce errors
Streamline workflows and update records in real time, saving costs and minimizing errors. With up-to-date reports at your fingertips, your team can focus on high-value activities.
Align your team
Command Post fosters continuity across departments by organizing, sharing, and analyzing information between sales, marketing, operations, and finance for seamless collaboration
Improve your pipeline
As leads and projects progress through the Command Post pipeline, automatic notifications are sent, and management reports are updated instantly.
Simple to implement
Start right away with our free trial offer. Command Post brings value to your business with minimal data input required.

Command Post feature comparison

Command Post is built to connect, not replace,
the applications and software you already use






Job Numbering
Ability to Add
Custom Fields
Contact Management
Real-Time Single-Edit
Data Propagation
  • How do I start my free trial? What happens when the trial ends?
    As part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible experience, Command Tech is delighted to offer a 15-day free trial of our Command Post platform. This trial period is designed to empower you to explore and evaluate our product at your own pace. Trial benefits: Full Access: You'll have unrestricted access to all features and functionalities of Command Post. Guidance and Configuration: Online and On-site Assistance: Our team will be available to guide you through the setup process, including configuring work types, role types, and report options to ensure the platform aligns perfectly with your needs. Dedicated Training: Initial Training: We provide comprehensive training for your team at the beginning of the trial period to get you up and running smoothly. Ongoing Training: As long as you're a Command Post customer, we'll continue to offer training at no additional cost, ensuring you maximize the benefits of our platform. Trial benefits: Credit Card Requirement: To initiate the trial, we require a valid credit card. However, no charges will be incurred during the trial period. Subscription Continuation: At the end of the trial, if you choose to continue using Command Post, your credit card will be charged the applicable subscription amount based on your organization's gross revenue.
  • How do I know if Command Post is right for my business?
    Command Post was created to give small and mid-sized contractor and construction companies a better – and much easier to use - solution for complete pipeline management and job tracking. If three of the following characteristics describe your firm, you should be using Command Post: Your company employs between 2 - 100 employees (this is not a hard limit -- if you have 110 employees, you should still talk to us!) Your company engages in one or more contracting trades - as either a general or subcontractor. Your company depends on constantly attracting new business, and often has several contracts active at a time. You've thought of trying to develop your own custom database application because there seems to be nothing available that does what you want. You like the idea of an "enterprise" software package, but don't like the high initial cost or the high risk of making a major commitment in redesigning your business systems, retraining your personnel, and disrupting your current tried and true systems, just to find out whether the enterprise system will even work for your firm (company?). You’re concerned about depending on a single vendor for all your mission critical systems. You want to keep historical data when you switch out other software. Want to switch accounting systems? Allow project managers to use different project management software for different jobs? With Command Post you have infinite flexibility to upgrade and fine-tune your mission-critical systems whenever you want. Long after these systems have been replaced (and your data stored in them difficult or impossible to access) Command Post will still be there for you with all of your current -- and key historical data -- at your fingertips.
  • What is Command Post and how can it benefit contractors?
    Command Post is a cloud-based application designed for contractors by contractors to give management the big picture. It provides a "mission control panel" that keeps track of the 3 P's: Profits, Projects, and People. It even comes pre-loaded with over 27 pre-formatted reports designed to give you better information for making the tough decisions that affect your business. Command Post works the way you do: It tracks your leads, proposals, bids won, active jobs, completed jobs, warranty jobs, and build references. It tracks every job through “the pipeline” so nothing is neglected or forgotten. It keeps your company organized and gives you up-to-the-minute projections of bottom-line profitability in real time.
  • How do I cancel Command Post?
    It’s easy to cancel Command Post, though of course we hope you’ll get so much value from using it you’ll never want to. Simply call 1-858-642-2900 or email and we will end your automatic subscription renewal.
  • How much does Command Post cost? Is it a subscription service?
    Command Post is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service product, meaning that you pay an annual subscription fee for company access from anywhere (but not a per-person access cost, as in many SaaS products). You have access to unlimited users, data, and support included with every subscription. Command Post has a sliding scale fee based on the annual revenue of your business – when you schedule a demo or meeting we can walk you through the pricing structure.
  • Who in my organization benefits from using Command Post?
    Everyone! From the receptionist who needs to look up a job phone number or address to the business owner who needs to know what's happening on a company-wide basis, every member of your company will benefit from Command Post. Executive-level views provide the CEO and SVPs with the financial forecasting and business intelligence they need to steer the ship. Live status updates across all projects, clients and bids eliminates double-entry errors and ‘paperwork’ entry time for all employees – meaning more time spent on revenue-generating activities. Everyone becomes more knowledgeable and more efficient when you use Command Post to steer the company.
  • Is a lot of extra data entry required to benefit from using Command Post?
    No! While Command Post gives you more information out the more data you put in, it doesn’t require you to fill in every single data field. And with just two pieces of job information, Command Post gives you the benefit of these useful reports: Bids Due – shows all of your jobs to be bid. Bids Pending – shows what bids you need to follow-up on. Active Jobs – shows what jobs are currently under construction. Delivered Jobs – shows what jobs are substantially complete with open issues. Warranty Jobs – shows jobs in the warranty period. Lost Jobs – shows jobs that were bid and lost. A Master Job Log Report
  • Is Command Post Easy to Use?
    Yes! Command Post is intuitive and easy to use. On-screen instructions and a simple interface gets you up and going within minutes. Our customer service department is well-trained in both construction and software and is standing by to answer your questions. Unlike many accounting, estimating, or project management software products, Command Post requires no specialized professional knowledge or training. Getting information in and out of Command Post is a snap (or a click!) thanks to the self-explanatory, common-sense interface. Much of the data you enter is selected from simple pull-down menus.
  • Will Command Post replace any of my existing software systems?
    Many contracting companies use an unwieldy assortment of spreadsheets to try to track key management information. They do this because there's no other choice - their other software systems (accounting, project management, estimating, CAD, etc.) don't work together to provide the big picture needed by upper management. Command Post was designed to organize the type of information you need to see the big picture -- eliminating dozens of miscellaneous, error prone spreadsheets, and saving you time and money in the process. Command Post does not replace your accounting system; its function is substantially different. Your accounting program helps you document and verify transactions which happened in the past. Command Post helps you analyze the past, but more importantly it helps communicate what’s happening in the present, and forecast what will happen in the future. Likewise, Command Post does not replace your project management/scheduling, estimating, document management, or CAD systems. Command Post’s independence from these systems means freedom and flexibility for your company. You are free to change or upgrade these other systems whenever it is in your advantage to do so, or to use different tools for different jobs. You aren’t bound to one vendor for upgrades to these critical systems.
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