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Take the chaos out of running your construction company.
Peter Lasensky can tell you how.
There’s not much in the construction and contracting world that Peter Lasensky hasn’t done.  

Since running his very first business at age 16 painting houses in Oceanside, NJ, he’s been learning lessons all along the way – usually the hard way. Now with 40+ years of experience owning and running construction companies, as well as creating software and services to help other large and small contracting businesses, he’s got a blueprint for that crucial project so many construction firms never quite nail – how to build your own success.
Peter knew he needed to create One Way To Run A Construction Company when his residential construction business in Philadelphia grew rapidly to 65 employees– and he realized things were getting out of control. Every builder knows what happens when you try to create something without a solid plan. Over decades, Peter’s honed his detailed roadmap complete with policies and procedures for running a construction company – and now he’d like to share it with you, too.
“Peter is a true visionary, and his work has had a dramatic positive effect on the way construction projects are managed today.” 
Matt Phair, Constructive Counseling

About the Author

Peter Lasensky

Peter Lasensky is a construction guy and entrepreneur who founded groundbreaking construction and service companies like Command Tech, PeterBuilt, Pacific DataVision, NoteVault– he likes to say he was born with a hammer in his hand.


He holds 14 US Patents and continues to develop innovative ways to solve real world problems.


Peter lives in San Diego.


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